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Expose your most valuable media files in MediaGallery

Putting the power of visual communication to your homepage

The face of digital interaction is changing. Companies are moving towards a preference for visually-appealing content versus pages of text, which just doesn’t grab the consumer’s attention the way short videos and image content can.

MediaGallery is the best way to provide engaging experiences to your audience on their preferred device. It’s an opportunity to position yourself as an industry leader and build trust in your brand.

MediaGallery for your images, videos and more

A microsite for visual content

MediaGallery is a open and flexible SaaS-service (in the Cloud) to solve the next generation of digital experience challenges faced by marketers and business managers. Technically MediaGallery is best described as a microsite bringing together media files visually in form of a captivating MediaGallery.

Commercial Usage for Marketers

Media galleries are used to share easy browsed in-depth visual information about a particular product, service or as visual support towards a specific product, such as showcasing or describing a new technology. MediaGalleries are handy for events, digital campaigns, product launches.

A tool for Non-technicals

MediaGallery is an individual web page or a group of pages which are meant to function as a discrete entity within an existing website. MediaGallery may be linked in to a main website or a newsletter simply via URL. Jut copy and paste the link and you’ll be good to go. No technical skills or CMS required.

Branding via engaging digital experience

The commercial purpose of visual MediaGalleries, (beyond driving product sales), includes adding value to the web site’s visitors for branding purposes as well as providing visual content and keywords allowing for greater chances of search engine inclusion. Use personalised visual experience to compete in the attention economy.

MediaGallery is a microsite bringing together media files visually in form of a captivating gallery

Showcase your files efficiently

MediaGallery is the fastest way to expose media files dynamically. Showcase the files in one combined MediaGallery page or in as many separate pages as you see fit. Upload images, videos, publications and more to create your captivating MediaGallery of choice in minutes.

To make the viewing experience easier MediaGallery enables creation of Albums exposing certain structural content in just one click. Adding filtering to the UI enables shortcuts while searching through the media files for specific results.

AI helps making Assets searchable

Visual files need keyword tagging to get organised. We combine state of the art AI technology to smoothen your work enabling easy search of visual files. You’ll be up and running in no time, and we’ve got everything you need to ensure your project is a success.

AI helps making media files searchable

Simply drag and publish your media files in MediaGallery

Simply drag and publish your files

Drag-and-drop your image, video and publication assets to the MediaGallery control panel and create interactive viewing experiences of your visual files on your website. No coding skills required. No need for a CMS-administrator. Just publish!

Share MediaGallery by a link

Copy the MediaGallery URL to your preferable website in a few clicks and you’re ready to launch a beautiful gallery. You can also embed MediaGallery directly to you website or use the URL to link in other websites or in a newsletter. Update the MediaGallery live with new assets and speak visually to your audience.

Making Assets Alive and Social

Put together highly interactive and incredibly engaging experiences that your audience will love by using AR, VR and 360° videos, animations, 360° images in addition to your video, image and publication files to create something entirely unique.

The mixed media files content allows marketers to mix and match content to create the optimal combination for each scenario. Plus you can also add simple links, social sharing, crowdsourcing, ordering and downloads – whatever you need, we’ve got it covered.

MediaGallery makes media files alive and social

Distribute hires media files with ease

Distribute hires originals with ease

Combine hires-files with linked files without affecting the performance of your homepage. MediaGallery offers downloads of original media files as well as image conversions to appropriate file sizes. Watermarking may also be used on files for security reasons. All files are hosted on the content delivery network servers through MediaGallery for easy distribution.

MediaGallery default features

Embed anywhere

Custom styling

Responsive design

Optimized for search and analytics

Low IT efforts

Unlimited scaling

Add Images, YouTube and Vimeo links

Social sharing

Set title, description and keywords

Select from several languages

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starting at 99€/month

5 GB
Upload and publish images
Publish videos as URL links
Albums and filters
File distribution, downloads and image conversion
AI-tagged keywords

MediaGallery Pro

starting at 199€/month

10 GB
Additional languages
Additional galleries

MediaGallery Business

More space
Multiple editors
Multiple user groups
Custom workflows
Approval processes
Version control
Integrations to other systems

MediaGallery FullService

We’ll take care of your MediaGallery for you
You only need to deliver us the media files and details

All MediaGalleries can be further enhanced with our add-ons.

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